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Plant Tissue Culture industry has been steadily growing in India.  The technique of Plant Tissue Culture is extensively exploited for the national and international markets producing a wide range plant species depending on the market demand.   Labland is constantly improving the price factors by cutting down the cost of production and improving the quality of the planting material and has come out with successful results in the following plant species.



The exotic foliage business is the fastest growing plant nursery industry.  The evolution of newer varieties has created sensational excitement to producers, sellers and buyers.  Production of large numbers of such newer varieties is possible only through tissue culture techniques.  Labland has been multiplying large numbers of exotic foliage varieties like Syngoniums, Spathiphyllums, Phyllodendrons, Cordylines, Yuccas etc through tissue culture since the inception of the Company. Labland has developed through somaclonal variation, a new Spathiphyllum variety named Spathiphyllum ‘SONA’.


The exotic anthuriums are part of hi-tech horticulture activity.  The scarcity of quality plantlets of anthuriums is fulfilled by large-scale propagation through tissue culture.  Labland has ventured into multiplying large numbers of exotic varieties of anthuriums through tissue culture since the inception of the Company.

Varieties available

Different colours of red, orange, pink, peach, white, green and bicolours consisting of 15 varieties are available.  Besides, custom multiplication of any specific variety exclusively on contract basis is also undertaken.
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High yielding banana plantlets are produced through tissue culture from high yielding, elite mother plants.  The expert team of field officers carefully choose the quality suckers for tissue culture production of banana plants.  Banana plants produced through tissue culture are very popular because of the
  • availability of different varieties throughout the year

  • availability of large quantities of plants at any given time, irrespective of season

  • availability of disease-free plants

  • uniformity in growth, maturity and yield

  • high yielding with proper agronomic practice

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Delivery of plantlets

Ex-agar plants: supplied to those who have the hardening facility and who can take care of plants for about 3-4 months in the primary and the secondary nursery.  Plants are packed and supplied in small, closed, ice-gel layered 5-ply cartons.

In-agar plants:
supplied in food-grade polypropylene boxes for export purpose.

Net pot plants:
supplied to those who can grow them in the secondary nursery for about 1-2 months and subsequently transplant to field. Plants are packed in cartons.   

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