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    Labland is a start up Biotech industry that addresses the needs of high quality 
      plant materials

    By integrating established and in-house developed technologies, experienced and 
      efficient scientists are engaged in en mass propagation of plant species of 
      economic importance 

    Labland products are aimed at helping farmers produce improved crop with 
      more yields 

    A well-established tissue culture lab and environment-controlled greenhouses 
      enable Labland to produce high quality plants both for domestic and export 

    Research work is being carried out on different aspects of plant science that 
      include Varietal improvement, Protocol development, Secondary metabolites, 
      Health care and Bio-informatics 

    Through the most advanced communication systems, Labland is able to reach all 
      around the world 

Labland is entering a new phase in its transformation to a Plant Science Company

Today our emphasis is on delivery of quality plants and plant products

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